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WebService USA
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Digital services platform for Ternium customers. Where in an agile and simple way, you will be able to carry out online consultations and purchases 24 hours a day.
Home page
You can track the status of your material request.
You can see your available stock at any time.
You can check the deliveries and made by reviewing a detail of the content of the materials sent.
We’ll send you up-to-date information about all the relevant events related to your purchases and shipments; at the moment these happen
Main functions
In a Fast and Easy way, you can easily have access from your Tablet, iPad or Smartphone; with Internet Explorer v9.0, Edge, Chrome v22, Opera v22 or Firefox v30.
Smart Finder By clicking, all documents referring to your order are downloaded automatically..
Order tracking. Whenever you make a purchase and the shipment is made, you will receive a notification that you can forward to your mailbox.
Configurable tables
More information and detail. Tables with tabs contain more information. They are configurable and allow you to generate your own views according to your needs.
Order tracking
Order display. You can see all the information referring to your pending orders and the purchase history.
Delivery tracking
Material information. You can access the information of the dispatched material and visualize the documents, as well as consult the logistics.
On-line purchases
In just 3 steps
You can upload requests easily from any device and place.
Multiplatform design
Now, from where you are
You can access the WebService quickly and securely from a Tablet or iPad and also from your mobile phone.
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